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Sunday, March 28, 2010

MeeGo is in Google Summer of Code 2010

MeeGo has joined Google Summer of Code 2010. If you are a student, have some free time this summer and have interests in developing operating system or applications for new small form factor devices, please consider join us!

MeeGo is the combined Moblin and Maemo and is sponsored by Linux Foundation, Nokia and Intel. To make it simple, MeeGo is the new operating system, inspired by the rising interests and challenge in smart phone and mobile internet devices, for future Intel and Nokia ARM platforms (or more if other handset makers join).

To distinguish it from other smart phone platforms such as iPhone and Android, MeeGo is proudly bearing the badge "open." It is not controlled by a single authority, but under the non-profit consortium Linux Foundation and welcome all parties and individuals who interests in making the best mobile platform in the world.

Another thing that distinguishes MeeGo from other mobile platforms is that MeeGo runs full Linux desktop stack. It is running unmodified Linux kernel, X server, compiled by unmodified GCC, includes full GTK / GNOME and Qt libraries. So all your expertise on desktop Linux continues to thrive here.

But MeeGo is not yet-another-Linux-distro. Smart minds may already spot the great challenge here. How could we build a competing platform by using just commodity GNU/Linux OS codes? The answer from us is that we are focusing on usability plus aggressive optimization. We believe the codes from those great upstream free software community is the best in the world and we can build the solid state-of-art platform based on them. What we have to do is try our best to integrate them together and focus on design a great user experience.

So if you are interested, please take a look at the MeeGo project ideas. Of course we are more than happy if you can come up with you own great ideas. And try to get yourself a $5,000 stipend.

(all words above are my personal opinion and reflect no idea from MeeGo committee, Linux Foundation, Nokia or Intel)

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