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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

openSUSE Build Service (OBS): Break the Link Between a Branched Package and Its Source

We are using openSUSE Build Service (OBS) for the development of MeeGo. I have an old package, which was branched from a Trunk package long ago. But every time the source pakcage in Trunk is updated my package would be broken because the changes between them are so large that it's become meaningless to keep the link between them any more. So I think I should just remove the link between them.

The simplest way may be just removing my package and start a new package from scratch, however, this action not only removes the package history but will also reset the cumulative release version number, which is unacceptable since that would make it impossible for client machines to follow updates to this package.

I have carried out a long search but failed to find a hint to this issue, and after some trail-and-error I think I have found a way:

  1. Check out the project's unexpanded files by using "osc co -u PRJ/PKG"

  2. Remove the "_link" file by running "osc rm _link"

  3. Copy in the latest package files since the link is now broken

  4. Check-in the changes

I've done a test and the steps above worked. However, it seems that by those steps the release version number will also be reset.

Update: darix from freenode/#opensuse-buildservice said 'osc in git has "osc detachbranch" exactly for that.'

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