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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Using ext4 and 2.6.28 kernel on my new laptop

Hoolia! Now on my new laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad T61). I'm using Debian 5.0 (Lenny) with self-built shinning new 2.6.28 kernel and ext4. So far so good.

Next step is to install the latest Intel Graphics drive to benefit from GEM.


xuedi said...

i thought about using it in my Gentoo box with the new 2.6.29 ... Give us some feedback if you getting any crashes ...

Yan Li said...

I have not experienced even a single glitch with it.

Anonymous said...

How did you installed Debian with 2.6.28 kernel on ext4 partition? (:

Yan Li said...

To Hadret: my installation steps:
1. install Debian Lenny by using ext3 onto a small temporary partition at the end of the universe, oh sorry, hard drive
2. boot into it, compile and install 2.6.28 kernel, then boot into the latest 2.6.28 kernel
3. create the the main file-system in ext4 from the beginning of hard drive
4. boot with `init=/bin/bash', mount the rootfs (we are still on the temporary partition) in read-only mode, then `cp -ar' the root to new file-system
5. edit /boot/grub/menu.lst accordingly
6. boot into the new file-system (yeah, we are using ext4 now!)
7. demolish the temporary partition
8. expand the main partition (by using resize2fs) to reclaim the space occupied by the temporary partition

The actual process was a bit more complex than that since I have been using LVM.

Anonymous said...

Got it, thank you! (:

Brad Fallon said...

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Herman Miller Aeron said...

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