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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Zero Config! Huawei EC1260 / China Telecom CDMA2000 EVDO 3G USB Dongle on Debian Sid

I bought a Huawei EC1260 USB modem to access the CDMA2000 EVDO mobile broadband provided by China Telecom. To my big surprise, the USB modem works out-of-box on my Debian Sid. Plug the USB modem and click the CDMA item in my NetworkManager and Bingo! I'm online! This is really zero config!

Thank you, great developers of NetworkManager and Debian for making this great progress.


Roger said...

how about the radio coverage and strength in BJ?

Yan Li said...

Hard to say. It's fast in my office (download speed is around 120 kilobyte/s) around the North 4th Ring Road. I'll post here if I met any weak signal positions.

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