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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Very hard to make bootable USB drive from Ubuntu 10.10's CD Image

I was spoiled by MeeGo's super convenient USB live image so I was very surprised when I found that it was very hard to make a bootable USB drive from Ubuntu 10.10's CD-ROM image for my wife.

On Linux, Ubuntu only officially supports making bootable USB drive from its CD-ROM image by using "ubuntu-usb-creator", which is not available in any Linux installations I'm using now (MeeGo, Debian, CentOS). Ubuntu's official help document mentions one alternative way -- to download a small image and combine it with the iso file -- doesn't work, and community posts pointed out that that methods only worked with "alternative iso" (not desktop iso).

Finally I found a way (and the only way) to make a usable USB drive for installation is from this post.

So what? I think Canonical really should release official USB images since most netbooks shipped today have no CD-ROM drive.


Neo said...

Since you are using Debian, why not using Debian live USB image.

Yan Li said...

@Neo Because the purpose was to install Ubuntu.

xyliu said...

if you want to install ubuntu from usb, download desktop image and create by ubuntu tools;if you already have grub,you can easy install another ubuntu from hard disk, this is the most efficient way; if you want to transfer exsiting partition to another machine as a new OS, you can just copy it, after that, you just need to install a bootloader.

Yan Li said...

@xyliu Thanks for your comment. What I'd been moaning was because I had no Ubuntu system to make the live USB image before the installation, and that machine was running Syslinux so no GRUB either. I was particularly unsatisfied at: 1. Ubuntu's official document was wrong, 2. They haven't release an official USB live image, just consider the ubiquity of USB-based installation nowadays!

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